Are you looking to improve the performance of your road bike? Upgrading your wheels can make a huge difference, and carbon wheels in particular are a popular choice among cyclists. But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know which ones to choose.

I recently had the opportunity to test the Quai R45 Rim Brake wheels and had a few questions in mind as I put them through their paces. How would they perform when braking? Would they be stable in windy conditions, given the 45mm deep rim? And how would they handle climbs?

Previously, I had used 40mm deep carbon rims on my rim brake bike but was left unconvinced when it came to all three of these questions. However, after three rides of 200km on the Quai R45 wheels, I can confidently say that they impressed me in almost every area.

Exceptional Braking Performance

One of the most important considerations when choosing new wheels is how they perform when braking. Fortunately, the Quai R45 wheels excel in this area. Even with the brake pads that come with the wheels, I found the braking to be consistent and reliable. This is a big improvement over my previous carbon wheels, which required me to change the brake pads to feel more confident.

Stable in Windy Conditions

With a 45mm deep rim, I was curious to see how the Quai R45 wheels would handle in windy conditions. While there was one moment where a strong gust caught me off guard, overall I found the wheels to be very stable in crosswinds. It’s worth exercising caution in windy conditions, but the stability of these wheels impressed me.

Responsive on Climbs

For many cyclists, climbing is a key consideration when choosing new wheels. I found the Quai R45 wheels to be incredibly responsive on climbs, making it easy to tackle even steep ascents. The wheels rolled smoothly on the downhill sections, and the freewheeling sound was a pleasant surprise. However, it’s important to note that the freewheeling sound is quite loud, so it’s best to avoid early morning rides to not disturb others.

Easy Tubeless Setup

Setting up tubeless tires can be a hassle, but I was pleased to find that the Quai R45 wheels made the process incredibly easy. My tech team had zero issues setting up the tubeless valves and the valve itself is of high quality and feels solid. This is a nice touch that adds to the overall quality of the wheels.

Crash Replacement for Peace of Mind

No cyclist wants to think about crashing, but it’s important to be prepared just in case. The Quai R45 wheels come with a crash replacement of 50%, which is a great backup to have. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it, but it’s nice to have that peace of mind.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended

Overall, I would highly recommend the Quai R45 Rim Brake wheels as an excellent upgrade for your road bike. They perform well in every department and are a great option in this budget range. While it’s important to be cautious in windy conditions, these wheels are a winner in every other respect.

Product Specifications:

Weight 1420 g / 1560 g
Rim Weight 450 g / 435 g
Offset 0 mm
Spokes Pillar
Spoke Type J-Bend
Spoke Count F20 X R24
Profile 45 mm
Outer Width 26 mm / 27 mm
Inner Width 19 mm / 21 mm
Hubs Quai
Tubeless Ready? Yes

Test Rides

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