What would Peter Sagan’s first Road World Championship title, Matej Mohorič’s historic win at Milan San Remo 22 & a Basso Venta Disc have in common? No, both of them did not ride a Basso on the said victories. They however made their winning move on the downhill showcasing some amazing bike handling skills.

On my very first spin around the block on the Venta, its handling stood out very clearly, it has a beautiful balance that will inspire confidence in any rider to attack on a downhill. Most bike reviews focus on the weight, responsiveness, geometry, ride quality, and then the handling in that order. The last three (geometry, ride quality & handling) however are more important to an amateur. A well-balanced bike allows us to get more out of the bike and enjoy the ride better. Typically race bikes have excellent handling, providing it in a more forgiving geometry sets the Venta truly apart.

I jumped the gun and said it is a more forgiving geometry. Let’s delve into that a bit. Usually, the Stack/Reach ratio of a frame indicates if a frame is aggressive or not. A value below 1.5 indicates it is on the racier side and above 1.5 indicates a more upright (endurance) geometry. A few purists will disagree with this simplification. A good read on the same can be found here. A 51 Venta Disc has a stack-to-reach ratio of 1.39:1. However the ride position is neutral when we tried various riders on it. Also interestingly the stem length is 10mm longer than other bikes of the same size. Even with the longer stem the position is not very aggressive.

Here is a detailed review of the bike by Mapdec Cycle Works who makes videos based on the quality of the parts & riding. Jump into the last section of the video and you would think that we stole these review comments as mentioned in the beginning. But we didn’t, I rode the bike first before seeing this review.

Ok, so it is a bike that handles very well and is comfortable for a fun rider who loves to ride fast with the usual lifestyle limitations of a working professional. But never heard of the name Basso? Agreed, it is not as well known as some of its other esteemed Italian counterparts. However, all the Basso frames are designed and handmade in Italy. There is a racing pedigree with a balanced approach as their slogan reiterates “Ride, Perfected”. They invest in technology where they believe in rather than following the usual trend. For example, all their frames are full carbon fiber without any metal dropouts or parts. Another good article that goes into more detail on Basso can be found here. They are one of the early adopters of Carbon Fibre for bikes. So, be rest assured it is a great brand.

This bike is for a no-nonsense, no-BS rider who would like to push the bike fully with their limitations and not worry about features that are marketing jazz (I mean there are no fully integrated cables and it is definitely not the lightest Carbon fiber frame).

As I searched for the meaning of Venta, it didn’t seem to be an Italian word, but Google did say it means “Sale” in Spanish. I don’t know if the translation is accurate, but it is undeniably an awesome deal. At around 2.2 lakhs for a complete build with Shimano 105 groupset, it is a great value for money.

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I used to ride a Chapter 2 Tere till very recently with carbon wheels. The braking on the carbon wheel was a bit below par to my liking as it was a rim brake. I am not a big fan of rim brakes and carbon braking surfaces. However, I personally feel that most stock alloy wheels on mid-level carbon road bikes are way too heavy and somewhat create an imbalance in weight distribution. Pair this frame with a carbon wheel to make it light and more importantly do justice to this beautiful frame.

Sailendra won the HRC Mass Start on his Basso Venta

Find below a couple of inputs from riders who bought the Venta Disc from us recently

We have a usual training route which is 100 ks round trip from my house. The course has a rolling terrain. After a couple of short rides getting used to the bike, in my first 100k solo effort I beat my personal best! I ride on Quai carbon wheels with continental Grand Prix 5000 tubeless. The realisation of responsiveness and handling was instant. This could easily be a bar setter for entry-level racing carbon frames. Cannot think of any shortcomings.

Somnath Chaki

I began cycling early last year. I had an aluminium Giant, the Basso compared to this is soo fast. It’s light, agile, and you get a more accurate feel of the floor as you ride it

Gaurav Sudarsh Kumar

Basso Bike Build Estimate options

Discover our straightforward table detailing build options for the Basso Venta Disc, with choices in wheels, groupsets, and significant discounts. This guide helps you customize your bike within your budget, offering a mix of alloy and carbon wheels, alongside mechanical and electronic shifting systems. Each option lists the original price, our special offer and the savings you'll enjoy.
WheelsWheel TypeGroupsetBrakingShiftingMRPOffer PriceSavings
Basso StockAlloyShimano 105Hydraulic12 speed mechanical₹2,78,847₹2,29,990₹48,857
Fulcrum Racing 800AlloyShimano 105Hydraulic12 speed mechanical₹2,87,837₹2,34,990₹52,847
Novatec R5CarbonShimano 105Hydraulic12 speed mechanical₹3,34,837₹2,64,990₹69,847
Basso StockAlloySram Rival Etap AXSHydraulic12 speed electronic₹3,69,937₹3,19,990₹49,947
Novatec R5CarbonShimano Ultegra Di2Hydraulic12 speed electronic₹5,05,937₹3,54,990₹1,50,947
Novatec R5CarbonShimano Dura Ace Di2Hydraulic12 speed electronic₹5,95,937₹4,34,990₹1,60,947

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